We’re wide awake

I write in response to the various unsubstantiated points Mr Hadley raises ‘Ugly Lorry Park’.

Rest assured Mr Hadley, myself and the many people who want to protect Exmouth’s natural views and independent local trade, are wide awake and, even at my tender young age, it is useful to have a good memory and recall the before and after of the damage done to local towns and businesses when huge supermarket chains buy their way into towns.

I believe those of us who are pointing out the reality and negatives aspects of ruining open spaces and views, the associated traffic problems and demise of local traders’ businesses, are raising issues that East Devon District Council chose not to publicise.

Exmouth’s future is in jeopardy if people are over-focused on competing with Tesco, the possibility of cheaper goods and the availability of several supermarkets. The Writing Is On The Wall!

It is rather naive that Mr Hadley thinks that the local independent traders and certain other retail chains will survive, as they never do in the long term, when the giant supermarkets are allowed to be located so close to a town.

I do not understand why Mr Hadley states new jobs created would generate well over a million pounds a year, that is gobbledegook!

Lastly, Mr Hadley, how can a lorry park be ugly and ‘almost any development be an improvement’ - the parking area itself is flat, rarely with many vehicles parked there, so we are privileged to have a lovely view across a beautiful estuary. The only positive development of this area might be some plants, ponds, perhaps outdoor exercise equipment, showers for water sports enthusiasts, ie nothing obstructive.

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Margaret Moon


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