We did comment

In response to ‘Upset by Noise’ letter in the Exmouth Journal, I feel I must respond to correct a few of the views expressed by Elizabeth Reynolds.

It is, indeed, unfortunate that one finds oneself living in a house next to a recreation field with community facilities on hand. The Parish Council cannot be criticised for inaction over the development of Jackson Meadow.

It was clearly pointed out to the Planning Authority, land owner and developer that community facilities were adjacent and that noise could be created by such close development.

I point out that the youth hut has been there for more than 35 years, the shelter two years. I would also add the village hall since the early 1930s.

Surely, before one buys a property, a check is made to see what lies nearby, be it burial ground, play area, village hall and, for that matter, church bells! The Cemetery was also created many years ago and I suspect that many there would wish they were still able to hear sounds of music and activity!

Local people did raise their concerns, but the professionals considered development could go ahead. We hoped that the area would not have had properties so close.

On the matter of low income, I categorically deny any such reference as could be construed from the letter writer.

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Lastly, it is not in the control of the Parish Council to amend such plans, they can only make observations and this they did. The play area was again in place way before the development.

I live in Exeter Road with the traffic noise, which has escalated over the last 60 years, but I, and others like me, have got used to it, maybe not quite the same as anyone enjoying themselves.

I have suggested that any further complaints be brought to the attention of the Police and EDDC, where monitoring can take place.

In conclusion, perhaps anyone with such a grievance should attend one of our meetings and make comments to us in the open session at the start of the meeting.

D G Atkins

Parish and District Councillor

Potters, Lympstone Hill, Exmouth