Waste of money

Councils are reputedly short of funds.

I would like to publicise what I think is a gross waste of resources and of taxpayers’ money.

I refer to two properties - Danby House and Exbank Convalescent Home.

Danby House, has been empty for eight years. It formerly housed young, disabled people.

It had, still has, 24 bedrooms, many on the ground floor, well-equipped, modern kitchen, laundry room, large lounge and very large dining room, as well as a separate wing where Mencap had a daily day centre. All has been empty for eight years.

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How much do we, taxpayers, pay for the provision of bed and breakfast and accommodation for the homeless? Could it not have been used for holiday accommodation for visitors? The carpets are still down.

Exbank is equipped similarly. It has 26 bedrooms. For the last two years, it has been closing down. The number of patients has become fewer and fewer. Similarly, the day centre was much reduced. Wonderful facilities! However, only about six attended at the end.

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I was present at their last meeting. When I enquired what was to be the fate of Exbank, I was told, brightly, that it would be ‘mothballed’ for six months.

I fear, greatly, that this will become six years and the deterioration that I can see at Danby House will be witnessed also at Exbank.

What a waste!

Mrs Eve Connor

92 Halsdon Avenue, Exmouth.

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