Walkway idea

I would like to thank Mr and Mrs Pawson (letters, February 10), for finally explaining to sceptics like me exactly why our council has spent �3.4 million of our money on the regeneration of The Strand project (what happened to the original estimate of �3 million).

As they explain, it is now possible to walk all the way from Tower Street, all the way across The Strand, all the way to the end of Manchester Road, all with one continuous level.

Well, the hundreds, if not thousands, of people who have to make this daily commute from these well-known virtual metropolises of industry and community that are Tower Street and Manchester Road must be thanking there lucky stars.

No more for them the terrible ordeal of first having to descend the four-inch kerbstones, then crossing the road of death that was The Strand one-way system, then the hell of having to ascend the sheer vertical face of another four-inch kerbstone, and let’s not forget this had to be done twice.

Let’s hope the hordes that obviously must make this epic journey do not wear away those beautiful new paving slabs too quickly. It is no wonder the council believes that a cafe with seating area must be built; those poor souls will need to replenish and rest exhausted bodies after spending at least two minutes on this momentous trek.

If possible, I would like Mr and Mrs Pawson to help me in my up-and-coming venture.

I also have to make an arduous journey most Friday and Saturday evenings to frequent the town’s public houses. While the journey into town is not too bad, the return trip can be extremely difficult.

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So I propose to ask our generous council to build me a monorail outside my house to the nearest public house. I must point out, at this stage, the nearest public house is not my favourite, but I do think it necessary not to be to reckless with the taxpayers’ money, otherwise I could be accused of wanting the job of our council leaders.

With this in mind, I would be prepared to accept a motorised walkway, just as long as it is covered and heated, of course.


D Lawash

(via email).