Wages mystery

Good to see, in the East Devon Connect magazine, the article on ‘Creating the right environment for better-paid jobs’. Let’s hope they succeed.

The article states the average wage in Devon is �22,000 per annum, which is �3,879 per annum lower than the national average wage, the difference being mainly due to low-waged jobs and part-time work.

I have worked as an administrator, a legal secretary and a personal assistant over the past 10 years and my current salary is �3,000 per annum lower than the average Devon wage!

Many of my friends and colleagues earn a similar salary to me, so I am curious as to the jobs and salaries that were used to calculate this average Devon wage?

Is there anything else we can do to get employers to recognise that we do just as good a job as those elsewhere in the country?

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The old clich� that the cost of living is less in the country is out of date; what we may save on insurances we pay out in water rates and travel!

Claire Moon

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