Vote without a polling card

The district council has broken the myth you cannot vote without a polling card. The council said all voters on the electoral register would be able to cast their vote today

People concerned they might not have a voice if they do not have a valid polling card have been reassured by the Returning Officer for East Devon they can vote.

Mark Williams said East Devon District Council believed homes in parts of East Devon might not have received polling cards in time for today’s election (May 5).

Mr Williams said the polling card was to provide information and it was not necessary to have it when voting.

He said: “So long as your name is on the electoral register, you are eligible to vote. You can go along to your polling station at any time from seven in the morning to 10 in the evening on Thursday and your vote will be accepted.

“Staff manning the polling stations have lists of all the people in that ward who are eligible to vote. They will check your name on the list, tick it off and hand you a voting slip. That’s all there is to it.”

To check you are on the Electoral Register, phone (01395) 516551 and ask for electoral registration.