Vile crimes

I have just read the letter written by Brenda M Berrington regarding convicted paedophile Tommy Dance, who is to appeal against the length of his prison sentence.

I admire Mrs Berrington for her outstanding letter.

My understanding is that, allegedly, it is only his wife who “supports” him and one elderly male neighbour who stated that Tommy Dance was “kind and a good friend”.

I would laugh at his comment if I were not so sickened by it.

It makes for uncomfortable reading... so, for the sake of his young victims, please read on, people.

Let us remember just a few of the crimes of Tommy Dance:

He used a mixture of fear and threats to kill to silence the young children (his victims).

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One youngster was abducted by Dance, held against her will and raped as she pleaded for her freedom.

His sex crimes spanned 30 years.

Dance has admitted seven counts of indecently assaulting two girls under the age of 14 years, of gross indecency with children and one charge of indecently touching an underage girl.

He has committed a string of sex offences going back 30 years involving young girls.

He admitted guilt to four counts of raping an underage girl.

Dance has been found guilty of vile and disgraceful crimes against the young and vulnerable.

Tommy Dance is not a man, he is a beast.

Name and address supplied.