Vet evidence aids police in horse man sex attack

Exmouth detectives enlisted the help of local vet Bob Barker in a bid to establish the level of distress sick Derek Woods inflicted on an elderly horse when he carried out a perverted sexual attack on the animal.

Horse expert vet Bob Barker was called in by detectives in a bid to determine the mare’s level of distress during the sickening sexual assault.

After viewing the CCTV footage showing Woods with the horse, Mr Barker, an equine vet with 30 years experience, from St David’s Equine Veterinary Surgeons, at Lympstone, told police the mare was suffering at the hands of Woods.

The vet’s report said Amber’s ear and head movements on the CCTV footage showed the animal was desperate to escape from Woods.

The report said: ‘Amber shows considerable agitation and distress – It clearly shows the horse is not compliant with what is happening, or what the male is doing.’

Detective Constable Darren Campbell said: “Bob Barker came in and viewed the CCTV footage and provided evidence in the way of how the horse was reacting and how the horse was behaving.

“He was able to provide evidence the horse was in distress and confirmed Woods had committed the offence of animal cruelty.

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“We had to have a vet to examine the horse - in the same way when a person suffers a sexual offence, we would need a doctor.”