Very intimidating

PUBLISHED: 07:00 28 February 2014

I have just returned from taking my two dogs out along the Exmouth to Budleigh cycle track and felt the need to share with your readers what I can only describe as a rude and intimidating middle aged man who seems to think that the cycle track belongs to him.

I take my dogs walking down the track regularly which is a great freedom for them to run free after being walked around the streets on a lead for the last few months due to our awful weather conditions.

I want to state now that not only am I a dog walker but also a cyclist as well as a fully employed tax payer, which as far as I am concerned gives me as much right as anyone to use the facilities.

Now when cyclists come along, every effort is made to control the dogs to allow the cyclists to ride past with as much ease as possible, and after seven years of doing so, I have never had any complaints in fact most cyclists ride past giving thanks. Until today that is.

I was astonished when a middle age man in a bright yellow high-vis jacket came down the track at speed that did not allow any time to get the dogs fully under control as would normally happen and, might I say, no indication in the form of a bell or anything else.

To my amazement, what happened next was disgraceful and I hope he reads this letter.

An elderly lady had just passed me with her dog off the lead and he stopped next to her and gave her a mouthful of abuse, which was witnessed by my wife and to put it into printable terms threatened to hang her by her dogs lead, if she did not get her dog back on the lead. He then passed me and continued his sprint not mentioning a word to me which I find very cowardly.

I would like to point out Mr Anonymous that the track is there for both dog walkers and cyclists together and both parties need to take responsibilities for their actions.

It is not mandatory to use a lead as you suggested verbally to the older lady who, I might add, called me back to talk to her visibly shaking with fear, and it is also the responsibility of cyclists to take care when passing pedestrians, all be it with or without dogs.

I have considered getting the police involved but have spent 24 hours to calm down before deciding to publicly humiliate you instead. You are a disgraceful man and should be ashamed of yourself; perhaps next time you should consider picking on someone of your own age and gender and not an elderly old lady.

Mr A Fawcett

via email

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