Verbal abuse

TO whom it may concern. My daughter went to the Q Club on Saturday, April 30, in a Navy fancy dress uniform. The fancy dress was all part of a birthday party.

After only being in the Q Club for approximately 40 minutes, she was verbally abused by a young man, who chanted Army remarks to her and goaded her with abuse.

The doormen were informed and were very good. My daughter is a very slim size eight-10 woman and felt very intimidated when this man continued to mimic her, as he was well over six foot tall.

I would like you to know, whoever you are, your behaviour was appalling; your lack of respect and sheer ignorance to be unable to see it was a costume. Your verbal abuse was unnecessary and very unfair.

My daughter spent a long time choosing that outfit to have an enjoyable evening out with her friends.

How dare you ruin it for her, especially as she returned home and changed into a party dress – because she was so upset by your banter?

Name and address withheld.

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