Vandalism: do parents care?

Just what is it about the minority of idiot youths of today?

Just what is it about the minority of idiot youths of today?

The Journal frequently reports on the mindless vandalism occurring around the town, and the latest headlines should give cause for concern at the level of policing during the hours that are at most risk.

No doubt the yobs' parents are either unaware, or could not care, what "their little darlings" get up to in the middle of the night.

In the same issue of the Journal, we read of the local councils' new scheme for the Strand Gardens. Among its proposals is the intention to plant "20 new trees for the benefit of future generations of Exmouth residents and visitors".

If residents want to see these trees reach maturity, they should insist that the relevant council fixes metal cages around each tree after planting, until the tree trunks are thick and strong enough to withstand malicious damage. Although this would increase costs, such protection should be considered essential if the ultimate Strand plan is to materialise as intended.

Times were so different when The Strand's original trees were planted, and perhaps there was more respect, even if life was harder, and without today's material benefits. So just why do people act like this? Is it due to boredom, a desire to mock authority, or to gain notoriety?

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This topic is always running, and yet do we ever hear from the culprits why they behave this way?

What occurs in the individual's mind to think "I must go out tonight and break a tree/slash a floral display/ spray or scratch graffiti". Is it a desire to achieve something they are incapable of achieving any legitimate way?

Yet, even if they get caught, their 'punishment' will usually be no more than "a slap on the wrist" - oops! Can't do that... human Rights and all that!

Stephen Derek,

(via email - address supplied).