Vandal jumps on car roof in Exmouth during broad daylight

A motorist has spoken of her frustration after her car was vandalised in Exmouth

A driver is annoyed after a heartless vandal caused damage to her new car by bouncing around on its roof in broad daylight.

The 30-year-old owner had her new vehicle vandalised between 4pm and 7pm last Saturday, July 31, outside her home in Moorfield Road, Exmouth.

The woman, who refused to be named in fear of reprisals, said her neighbour’s car was also attacked.

“I cannot believe the front people have to do this kind of thing in broad daylight,” she said.

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“As a result of someone walking along the top of it, there are several scratches and the roof has been dented in.”

The woman and her partner were inside their home when the offence happened.

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She added: “The first thing I knew about it was when I was about to go out for the evening with my partner.

“It happened sometime between him coming home in the car from work in the late afternoon to us setting off out at night.”

She said it appeared the vandal had bounced on her neighbour’s vehicle and then jumped over on to her car.

“I’m very annoyed, especially because the police seem as though they can’t do anything about it. They said the footprints left over were too old for recognition.”

The car is a new 10-plate vehicle. In a separate incident, the owner said its aerial was stolen recently – also while parked up in Moorfield Road.

“We’ve only had it a few months. When we used to have an old T-reg, nobody wanted to go anywhere near it.”

Anyone with information about what took place should call Devon and Cornwall Police on 08452 777444, quoting the crime reference number KE/10/1945.

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