Value of cheques

For several years, big business and the mandarins of government have encouraged the idea of a cashless society.

The reason given for the ending of cheque guarantees to traders, effective as from June 30, is the diminishing use of payment by cheque.

A faulty argument, if ever there was one. Most retail outlets have not accepted cheques for quite a while, so no wonder that the use has decreased.

But many small businesses rely on this method of payment for services rendered. It is particularly true for people who are housebound and for those receiving home services, such as paying the milkman, the window cleaner, the gardener and so on.

We were promised that cheques would not be withdrawn until a suitable replacement had been introduced. But I have yet to see any non-electronic alternative in place.

The Senior Council for Devon, the county-wide voluntary forum for those over 50, has been making the case for keeping cheques (or bringing in an adequate replacement) to all major banks, the Payments Council and the Bank of England.

It is still not too late to stem the march towards a cashless society.

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Yvonne Wardrop


Senior Council for Devon.