United to save Rolle for town

It is so heartening to see that saving Rolle College for future generations has united all shades of Exmouth opinion.

It is so heartening to see that saving Rolle College for future generations has united all shades of Exmouth opinion.

At the recent Devon County Council Scrutiny Committee, community groups spoke with one voice and all our local politicians, be they from the town, district or county council, put aside their political differences and, together with the governors of the community college, all argued in favour of buying Rolle to support the education of youngsters by the community college and to ensure that a long cherished local institution, recently refurbished at taxpayers' expense, is not lost forever.

They were backed up by Hugo Swire MP, on an audio link from the Conservative Party conference, who pointed out that Rolle was given to the town by Lady Rolle in the first place.

Sadly, party politics did intrude. The majority party on the Scrutiny Committee apparently ignored all the evidence they had heard and voted to delay any decision until they had heard personally from the leader and education portfolio holder, who, unlike our MP, decided not to telephone from the party conference. Thus, rather than sending a clear message to Plymouth University that the deal was still under consideration, there was a fudged outcome and more delay.

In a democracy, we elect our politicians with the expectation they will serve the people and listen to the views of those who elected them.

We accept party affiliation, but over matters of vital importance to the public good we expect our politicians to rise above party and listen to us their electorate. Our Exmouth politicians have done this, let's hope that their colleagues on the majority party of the county council feel able to join them.

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The reconvened Scrutiny Committee will take place on Friday, October 30, at 10am in County Hall, Exeter.

I urge everyone who cares about the future of Rolle to put the date in their diaries and attend, so that John Hart and the media can see that Exmouth is united in saving Rolle for the future benefit of generations of its young citizens and the long-term economic viability of the town.

Jenny Budden,

49A Cranford Avenue,


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