Unfair advantage

I AM writing to voice my views on the article in the Journal about a new fortnightly market for the new �3 million Strand revamp.

I am sure the local independent food outlets are really happy that they have endured months of upheaval outside their front doors to see a more frequent event just yards away.

I agree competition is good, but it has to be fair. If those “local” stalls paid the same in relation to our permanent shop owners (rent, rates, power for the whole of the year), then it may be classed as fair.

As well as a couple of vacant shops around The Strand, to my dismay I see our local fish shop is for sale, for whatever reason.

I wonder if the market’s new “broader range”, including fresh fish, is a contributing factor. We will continue to lose all of our “real” local shops. Whatever next? A cafe?

Maybe the so-called farmers’ market would be better staged at Tesco?

I am sure Tesco would welcome it outside their doors with open arms – at least you can get a parking space - and for free!

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A disgruntled Exmouth resident

(via email).