Turn back the tide

PUBLISHED: 07:00 09 March 2013

Oh dear. Turning to the letters in your February 7 edition I find I have little sympathy with the majority! But where to start?

You print two consecutive letters from correspondents clearly wishing to remain in the 20th century, if not the 19th!

The first, from John Harlock, is invoking the sentiments of his parents and even his grandparents in deploring the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill in the following words that he addressed to Hugo Swire MP:

“In your obsession with Equality and European PC, you are throwing away our traditional values and everything my parents fought for (both still alive in their 90s) and my grandparents, nearly 100 years ago in 1914.”

Mr Harlock’s ancestors undoubtedly fought bravely for what they saw as British values, and thankfully prevailed, but looking back over history, I am impressed by how much xenophobia and jingoism have declined on all sides in recent decades.

Another war between the members of the EU is now inconceivable and this is not serendipity, it is a long-term commitment to create a united Europe, worked hard at by just those creatures despised by Mr Harlock, the politicians!

How Mr Harlock can believe that a law to allow homosexuals the right to a married life is betraying his grandfather’s fight against fascism and Japanese genocide is beyond my comprehension; surely to live-and-let-live is also a British tradition?

As for John Kelly and Ann Prior, both of UKIP, readers need to be aware that their party’s plan to disband the EU in a time of recession and economic uncertainty is foolish and dangerous to our well-being, irrespective of the statistics.

Any British government must strive to abandon the more ludicrous aspects of EU bureaucracy in the spirit of partnership rather than in go-it-alone arrogance.

However, there is hope for Exmouth yet; Yvonne Wardrop is right in deploring the takeover of high streets by big business and Steve Knightly sings of this movingly in his song County Life.

I would suggest that our community make it a 21st century project to turn back this tide commercialising every aspect of our lives and in doing so make the country again recognisable to John Harlock’s grandfather.

Adrian Toole

Bicton Street


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