Try Olbas Oil to keep cats at bay

Soon after my last letter Any tips to drive away cats (Exmouth Journal, April 23) I received a short, hand-written letter in reply.

Soon after my last letter "Any tips to drive away cats" (Exmouth Journal, April 23) I received a short, hand-written letter in reply. I can do no better than thank the sender, (Mike Clarbull) who did not reveal his address or telephone number but I would like to give readers his very helpful suggestions in full, because I already know that numerous other people suffer from the same cat problem in their gardens:-"Re: your cat problem. May I suggest saving all your used tea-bags and, when you have acquired a number of them and allowed them to dry out a little, just moisten them slightly. Add 3 - 4 drops of olbas oil, this can be obtained from a health shop or chemist. These (tea-bags) can be placed around the area frequented by cats. The strong odour will deter our feline friends. Good luck. Mike"Thank you very much Mike for your suggestions, I will try them out as soon as I have the olbas oil and sufficient tea-bags. If you would like to write to me again with your address I will promptly reply with a couple of unused envelopes plus new postage stamps. Plus my letter of thanks for your prompt help. Clive GrahamParkside Drive,BrixingtonExmouth l Re: Any tips to drive away cats? In reply to Clive Graham's letter, I would like to pass on a tip for keeping cats off the garden, which I have found very effective.I save all my used teabags in a jar. When the jar is full I sprinkle them with olbas oil (available from any chemist). I then scatter the tea bags around my garden. The cats don't like the smell of the oil and keep away. The tea bags eventually rot down and become compost, thus benefitting the garden in more ways than one. Jean Gray, Hartopp Road,Exmouth.