Troublesome youths to be escorted home, police say.

The police message to youths caught causing trouble in Brixington is ‘don’t bother - you will be escorted home to your parents’. Officers have received a number of complaints of anti-social behaviour and are determined to stamp out the problems before they escalate.

Youths found causing trouble at Brixington Parade will be escorted home by the police, officers at Exmouth are warning.

The message comes from the neighbourhood police team - who say they have received a number of reports of anti-social behaviour near Brixington Parade shops.

Officers said the area was also becoming littered and untidy.

The police said they have been liaising with the organisers of the nearby Friday evening youth club in a bid to stamp out nuisance behaviour carried out after the club closes.

Police community support officer Chris Ball urged residents to report any trouble they saw to the police.

He said: “The dispersal of the youngsters once the club has finished is causing the main part of the problem. Police are aware and are actively patrolling the area during this time.

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“Any youngsters caught misbehaving and causing a problem will be escorted home and their parents spoken to, with any further necessary appropriate action to be taken.”

Report any trouble by calling 08452 777444.