Farewell for councillor who worked tirelessly for his constituents

Blackdown House, whcih Cllr Wragg said would be 'highly unsuitable as a meeting venue'

Blackdown House, whcih Cllr Wragg said would be 'highly unsuitable as a meeting venue' - Credit: Archant

Some people who serve our communities distinguish themselves by the commitment, diligence and and hard work in driving forwards improvements in the areas which they represent.

One such person is Fabian King who has represented the Exe Valley Ward on East Devon District Council, and despite serving for only two years, his resignation last week has drawn glowing tributes from colleagues across the political groups in recognition of his understated efforts, quiet determination and his eloquence when speaking.

His decision to reluctantly resign evolved from the impacts of Covid upon his business, which is demanding considerably more of his attention. Having been a seriously dedicated councillor, Fabian realised that he could not fully commit to both his commercial interests, ( i.e. his means of earning a living, ) and to his constituents. Unfortunately, the meagre allowances which are paid to councillors, £4,360 a year, out of which they have to pay for telephone, stationery, postage, combustibles, etc. which cannot compare to the handsome salaries paid for the office that MPs hold.

It was therefore with dismay and disappointment that I read today of a comment made on social media by an MP regarding the resignation which showed a complete lack of understanding and recognition of the roles of locally elected councillors. Fabian has worked tirelessly for his constituents, particularly with regards to rural concerns involving the transportation of materials and the processes of digestates within his Ward. He will surely be greatly missed, both by those residents and by his colleagues on EDCC, and whose respect he commands which would be the envy of others, MPs included.

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