Tree care celebrated in Exmouth

Tree wardens from across the South West gathered in Exmouth to celebrate 20 years of tree care in the region.

East Devon District Council, in partnership with The Tree Council, hosted the South West Regional Tree Warden Forum at Exmouth Community College.

Delegates heard from tree experts and discussed the important contribution that tree wardens can make to their communities over the next 20 years.

The day’s speakers included Kate Tobin, talking about her Great Trees of East Devon project, and Rob Wolton of Hedgelink, speaking about his new Green Veins and Lanes project.

A spokesperson for the South West Regional Tree Warden Forum said: “Tree wardening is an excellent example of The Big Society in action – volunteers from the community keeping an eye out in their local patch to help protect their local trees whilst being supported by the district council at the local level and by the Tree Council at the national level.

“The threats to trees today by the rapid spread of disease is worrying but with tree wardens in place to do their bit in the community we hope that we all become that little bit more knowledgeable and a little bit more appreciative of the great living green monuments in our landscape.”

During the event the group visited the fallen Lucombe Oak in Phear Park.

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The tree warden scheme was launched in response to the great storms of 1987 when the priority was to replant some of the millions of trees lost during the storm.

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