Train information screens for Strand?

The first step towards having a truly integrated transport system in Exmouth is set to be realised with the trialling of electronic train information screens in The Strand.

Devon County Council is proposing �20,000 plans to expand the Customer Information System (CIS) at various locations.

If successful, it will inform train passengers in the town centre of train arrivals, departures, delays and cancellations before they even get to the station.

It follows the recent expansion of the CIS to cover a total of 17 stations along the Avocet Line.

The network of town-centre based screens is set to be rolled out for a trial period soon and locations include The Strand, Exmouth, Queen Street, near Exeter Central Station, and at St James’ Park, near Sidwell Street, and Longbrook Street.

Dave Black, the county’s head of planning, transportation and environment, outlined the proposals in a report to be considered by the Devon and Exeter Rail Project Working Party next week.

He wrote: “The proposal ,this year, is to provide similar information at locations on streets where the information can be seen by passers-by, encouraging them to make use of nearby stations.

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“The information is immediate and has the advantage of presenting the information directly without the need to make an enquiry.

“The focus will be upon those locations where the station is slightly remote from the main streets.

“A budget of �20,000 has been allocated this year towards developing these systems and installing them at trial locations.

“Further locations will be considered where practicable.”

Exmouth county councillor Eileen Wragg said: “I welcome these proposals - it can only help to bring to more people to the town.

“The tourist information centre is quite remote and this could lead to a combined information centre in The Strand.”