Traffic flow is the key to the plan

REGARDING the letters entitled Strand: ask the vital question" Nic Pawson is absolutely right. Traffic infrastructure is key.

REGARDING the letters entitled "Strand: ask the vital question" Nic Pawson is absolutely right. Traffic infrastructure is key. The first thing that struck me about the "final" Strand plan last Friday was that, without taking into consideration the areas adjacent to all sides of the drawing, it was impossible to assess traffic flow.The second was that, although planned traffic for the western side was one way, the flow had been reversed, taking traffic away from the Strand down Victoria Road. Why? If traffic were to come up Victoria Road and around to Tuckers and up to Carlton roundabout, traffic flowing down from the roundabout could go one way down St Andrews Road to meet Imperial Road (and possibly further to the sea front??) Victoria Road could be one way from the Beach hotel.Taxis could "stack" down Victoria Road, as they do now, and still be in view of rank activity, and could also cater for the club/pub emptying requirements in Victoria Road/Manchester Street late at night.The change of road priority outside the town hall would surely make more sense if St Andrews Rd was one way .... wouldn't it?As an "outspoken" individual, and not a member of any of the non-political "clubs" it seems to me that any ideas worth tabling should have been tabled months ago and certainly before the "final draft" was presented. Why can this not happen? What is stopping it happening? Mike Fairclough 19 Withycombe Road,Exmouth.

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