Traditional day

I felt it was very important to reply to Chris Burhouse’s letter (March 14).

Very understandably, he regrets that the farmers’ market is held on a Wednesday, when he cannot attend since he (like many other Exmothians) is at work.

He rightly acknowledges that the farmers’ market is the place to buy quality, local produce, which he would be keen to do if the market were held on a Saturday.

The market is held on a Wednesday because, when it was originally established, that was seen both as a traditional market day and was the best day of the week for the producers who started the market.

We deeply regret that, for Chris and others like him, Wednesday has now become the only day when producers can attend because of commitments to other markets, which have become established throughout the county, the majority of them on Saturdays.

For those who can attend on a Wednesday, we hope that our having become a fortnightly market (as from this Wednesday, March 23) will help their access to an ever-widening range of wonderful fresh local produce.

Those who cannot access the market, but who work in Exeter, may be pleased to know that many of the Exmouth Farmers’ Market producers and many others besides, are at the Exeter Farmers’ Market at the bottom of the High Street every Thursday from 9am until 2pm.

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Nick May

Chairman, Exmouth Farmers Market.