Town is blessed

What a joy it was to read The Exmouth Journal this week (October 27).

There was so much good news in it about what is happening around the Ttown.

From ‘Helpful Banking’ (page 11) to ‘Encouraging fall in crime figures’ (page seven) and look at page six, wow, ‘Resort’s family attraction bucks the trend with bumper summer income’ and many other good news items, Exmouth is being blessed.

As a member of the ‘Exmouth International Restoration Team’ (sometimes called ‘Gatekeepers’), I would like to tell Exmothians that this prayer has been pronounced and announced over Exmouth for over two years.

The Prayer for Exmouth

Heavenly Father, we glorify and honour your name, for your name is above all names.

We ask you for your love and grace to be over the people of Exmouth.

Most Read

Please forgive our sins against you.

We ask that you will bless all who enter and leave Exmouth with love, health, wealth, prosperity and peace and Salvation.

May civil authorities, the services, commercial enterprises and the medical profession all receive your blessings and prosper under your mighty hand.

Father, keep your eye on Exmouth, what’s good bless and prosper, what’s bad show up and overcome. Father, keep us all safe in your sight, set your guardian Angels at our town gates. Thank you.

In the name of Jesus.


We, as ‘Gatekeepers’, will not stop praying for you all, whoever you are. Jesus loves you and will bless you as he is already doing. Expect more Blessings to flow.

John Plastow

(via email).

PS: If you want specific prayed for ‘Healing, debt problems, out of work, for your businesses’, these are just a few headings, the list is limitless, please feel free to contact us. (If you don’t ask, you don’t get).

Be Blessed, Exmouth.