Town gatekeepers

Great letters from John and Peter last week regarding prayer for our town.

I, too, am a “gatekeeper” for Exmouth and believe in the power of prayer to bring God’s presence more and more into the everyday life of Exmouth and the people who live here.

At each of the “gates” of Exmouth, we have a different emphasis in prayer. We pray for businesses and employers, for our college and schools, for our residents, as well as for visitors and holidaymakers, and the significance of the sea and Jurassic Coast.

God is leading us to offer prayer support to the police and local council about situations and issues that affect Exmouth.

God really does want to make Himself known more in every part of our lives, including the business and community life of our town.

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As “gatekeepers”, others and myself want to see Exmouth become the best place to live, the most prosperous town, the healthiest place in the UK, where people can encounter God personally and know what the Kingdom of God is like.

Do you have needs, are you sick and would like prayer? We’d love to pray with you.

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Dave Jewison

(via email).

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