Stunning displays for this year's Britain in Bloom awards

Surely 2021 will be a record year at the Britain in Bloom awards in October

Surely 2021 will be a record year at the Britain in Bloom awards in October - Credit: Picture: Exmouth in Bloom

Summer, how thy beauty warms my heart! You bring the poet from slumber, the lovers from their bower. 

Your gentle heat repairs body and soul. Long days, old fashioned days, days that gift memories to young and old. Dawn chorus brings songbird twitter, swifts and swallow dart. Nature’s scents, perfumes smells, light shade shadows, music laughter drifting sounds, warm sand dunes for sweethearts, dripping brows as the scythe flows in muscled arms, the smiles in shady garden at the pub of good ale. 

Waters of pond and lake, stream river, rock pool sea, shock of cold meeting hot body, then the slow understanding that you're happy, you push against the water launching in a gliding stroking flow of movement. This is no crisping under Caribbean smoky furnace, for sunning yourself under England's Summer warmth is the true magic! 

Amongst my travels are memories of those visitors to this jewel set amidst Devon’s red cliffs, green hills and silver seas. Visitors who talk to the Town Crier of moments of life and death, birth and celebration. I count myself as fortunate, for those moments are jewels. 

Now I’m sitting and relaxing after time with Exmouth in Bloom. Today they hosted the Judge from Britain in Bloom. Sun was shining, air was warm and smiles were rife. Months, weeks, days and hours of very hard work by the Bloomers and teams from Town and District Council culminate later this year in October, with announcements of prizes or commendations or ‘well done but n’owt’! But one fact is true, Exmouth currently looks stunning! For that, thank you volunteers of Exmouth in Bloom and the staff of the council’s teams! Surely 2021 will be a record year for blooms, shrubs, grasses, trees and the animals that exist amongst them. The moths and butterflies, the beetles and grubs, slugs and snails, even puppy dog tails! 

I wanted to end this piece with a final sentence encompassing all that is good about our seaside town of Exmouth, but as I’m a man of little brain I say. Exmouth I love you! Thank you dear listener.

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