Tough action

I believe in fair rights for all, but when I see yobbish behaviour and wanton vandalism, along with wasted police time, displayed on our television, I think it’s time for action.

I’m not talking about alcohol-fuelled bad behaviour in city centres - generally speaking the participants know little better. I’m referring to the student protesters – who think they have some status in society and some of whom the police are still seeking.

What are they protesting about? Do they think the average hard-working man should pay taxes so they can go to university to socialise (drinking and partying) without any thought of repaying the debt?

If a degree is that important, they could use their ‘free’ time and holidays to find paid work. They could leave school, get a job, save and then go to university as mature students. On the other hand, they could stay at home and get a degree via the Open University.

When a demonstration is planned, the police should be ready. As soon as a potential trouble-maker is spotted, he should be yanked out, put in a cell overnight to appear before a magistrate to be sentenced (or acquitted) the next morning.

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Who would fuel more trouble – the police or the vandal left to incite others? Any student – they weren’t all students – found guilty should be sent down from university and given community work.

Harsh action, possible recrimination from Civil Rights Brigade, justice seen to be done at the time, money saved, less trouble at future demonstrations?

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