Torment by yobs

FED-up residents in Exmouth s Withycombe Village Road have revealed how their lives are tormented by revellers – they describe as yobs – causing trouble at night.

FED-up residents in Exmouth's Withycombe Village Road have revealed how their lives are tormented by revellers - they describe as yobs - causing trouble at night.

A number of homeowners are frustrated with groups walking up the street returning from weekly nights out, often damaging property on their way and using loud abusive language.

Such has been the growing concern over the issue among residents, police have set up a neighbourhood watch scheme in the area to try to stamp out the problem.

One Withycombe Village Road homeowner, who refused to be named in fear of being targeted by the individuals, said the behaviour was unacceptable.

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She fumed: "A number of times we have had big wheelie bins thrown all over the place. I had one on my doorstep one morning and they have been left in the middle of the road.

"Gardens have been wrecked and there was a hell of a rumpus going on just the other evening. People who live here are fed up with it.

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"They are particularly worried about their cars being damaged. You dread having to leave your vehicle outside in fear of what it is going to look like in the morning."

A separate resident from a neighbouring property, who again refused to be named, said: "You can't have your windows open because of all the shouting and swearing."

Anthony Robinson, who also lives on Withycombe Village Road, has hit out at plans for the nearby Holly Tree pub to extend its opening hours.

Mr Robinson said if an extension was granted it would only lead to further trouble in the street.

He explained the type of problems in the area included car and property vandalism, extreme noise, obscene abuse, excess speeding and singing and shouting.

"Most of this is caused by yobs returning late at night from pubs or nightclubs in town that stay open unnecessarily late."

Mark Wright, landlord of the Holly Tree, said most trouble was caused by people coming out of town, but there were never any problems from his customers.

PC Martin Young, beat manager for Withycombe, said if people living in the area experience problems from revellers, they should report it to police as soon as possible.

He added: "If people think it is a regular occurrence they can speak to me in confidence or call 999.

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