Topsham School reflects on successful campaign

CHILDREN now have a better understanding of where their food comes from as a result of a campaign endorsed by staff and pupils at Topsham School.

A new survey has found schools across the region unanimously agreed that through a campaign, called Dig Down South West, youngsters’ knowledge had increased.

The initiative was launched earlier this year by TV personality and gardener Charlie Dimmock.

Justin Vernon, a teacher from Topsham Primary School, said the project had helped the school develop links within the local area.

“Our children thoroughly enjoyed being involved in Dig Down South West,” he said.

Nine months ago, almost two thirds of pupils struggled to identify the origins of everyday food products they consumed and less than one in four children knew that beef burgers were sourced from cows.

A third of children incorrectly identified the main ingredient of crisps and over half couldn’t tell that milk or cream was used to make ice cream.

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The new survey shows that boys in particular and those pupils needing a greater level of support appeared to benefit most from the ‘Dig Down South West’ campaign.

The majority of schools involved, including Topsham, used it as an integral part of their curriculum and many extended this outside of school hours.