Topsham residents’ voting reminder

TOPSHAM voters who may have recently moved house are being warned they need to register their new address in order to have a say at the forthcoming city elections.

Philip Bostock, electoral registration officer at Exeter City Council, says people need to act now if they are to have their say, not just in the city elections, but also the UK referendum on the voting system on Thursday, May 5.

He said: ”Anyone who has moved house in the past few months needs to register with their new address.

“We know there are people who have not yet registered to vote, which means they will be missing out unless they take action.”

Adrian Green, from the Electoral Commission, the independent elections watchdog, added: “Residents may also be planning to be away on May 5, given the extra Bank Holiday for the Royal Wedding so it’s worth applying now to vote by post or proxy if that will suit your plans.”

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