Threatened land’s vital role

regarding last week’s front page article in the Exmouth Journal about building on grazing land.

We have just come back from a lovely walk, which included Green Farm and Maer Farm.

On the front of the Journal, we saw the heading about the potential building of houses on the majority of Green Farm.

We have been lucky enough to walk this area for over 20 years and appreciate the beauty of these fields.

If this land at Green Farm is taken for building, it will be lost forever for producing milk. These rich, well-farmed acres must produce liquid to supply approximately 4,000 people for a year.

As a nation, at present, we are unable to grow enough food to supply our needs. To take prime agricultural land out of production only makes matters worse.

Surely, there are other areas of land less productive which can be used for housing.

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Jenney and John Hawkins,

4 Briar Close, Exmouth.