Think of wildlife

In October, the estuary will once again echo with the low grunting and calling of Brent Geese as they arrive from Alaska. They come here to feed on eel grass. Exmouth has one of the largest beds in southern Britain.

The council’s plans to develop and transform the estuary will inevitably disrupt their feeding and some of these lovely, weakened birds may die.

Instead of new buildings, better use should be made of the ones we already have. The estuary should not be exploited for financial gain, but preserved for future generations.

Questionnaires about your views on the estuary side development are available from the town hall and should be completed by September 12, 2011.

So, come on Exmouth, for the sake of the Brent Geese and all our wildlife, vote no.

Ms K Turner

5 Bankside, Exmouth.