The Strand: We’re moving!

I live in The Strand and today, a warm, sunny Saturday, I witnessed what the changes have created.

The Strand is now somewhere for groups of youngsters to play football and, when they decide to leave, somewhere for more youngsters to practice their skateboarding skills (evident by the constant “clacking” noise as board meets seating area).

And the bonus - somewhere for families to sit on the War Memorial and eat their fish and chips. Brilliant! Then we just have to wait until after 10pm when the drunks come out to play.

Just in case any of those people from outside the area say “if you don’t like it, move”; well, we are planning to, because it’s becoming very hard to keep your windows shut 24 hours a day.

Strand Resident

(via email).

EDITOR’S NOTE: we have received other letters criticising the proposed cafe for the planned pavilion in The Strand. With the elections looming, it is standard practice not to publish political letters. In the weeks leading up to voting day, please try to stick to why you do not agree with something, rather than attacking councillors who would not be allowed a right of reply until after May 5.