The marines lay down lives for us

For heaven s sake, get a life. So the marines left a little rubbish behind after training. So what!

For heaven's sake, get a life. So the marines left a little rubbish behind after training. So what!

I would go, pick it up in the boot of the car and take it to the recycling centre myself and say nothing - just to keep these lads from getting rapped by the lieutenant. That's what the finder should have done. Don't you feel you own these boys? I know I do.

Let me tell you this. If not for these brave young lads, this country would not be what it is today. Freedom to moan about a bit of rubbish left behind by the marines.

In China, speak out against the government or its army and you would be sent to prison, maybe even put to death. In 1989, they drove a tank over a student, remember.

Let these young lads enjoy what little time they have, training for what they will face on missions of war. May God himself go with them and bring them home safely. Many will be physically scarred for life, some mentally scarred, others both mentally and physically and some won't return at all, quite possibly. So, think of that for a while - these lads would lay down their lives defending this country and you, might I add.

Soon these young marines will be a part of the best trained soldiers in the World, sent in when the going gets tough. Not only England, but also other countries will depend on them. What a responsibility that is. Would you be up to it?

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I would be concerned with the fact that they learned what they did on the common that day - and blow the bit of rubbish.

Now for the marines who left the litter behind them. I say this: for heaven's sake, lads, whatever you bring on the field, take it home after you.

Otherwise, you will have the moaning minnies who have nothing all else to fill their time, letting your lieutenant know. You all know what he's like when he gets going! This code may even save your life some day. Leave nothing behind that your enemy can track you with. A cigarette butt could be enough to get you killed or even the whole platoon wiped out.

Enjoy your training and, for heaven's sake, keep you nose clean, marine!

Les Cullen,

2 Lower Fore Street, Exmouth