The EU: reason to be very afraid

So, Margaret Yerrell (Journal letters, March 26) says the EU does not frighten her?

So, Margaret Yerrell (Journal letters, March 26) says the EU does not frighten her?

May I suggest that she examines the principle and practice of the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) of which Lib-Dem MEP Graham Watson was proud to be called the godfather?

This dreadful law effectively removes the 800-year-old protection that we have had against wrongful imprisonment without charge in another country having a different and inferior legal system.

British judges are powerless to refuse a correctly presented EAW and the accused person must be removed to the country presenting the warrant.

Consider the cases of Chris Lees, of Gloucestershire, who spent 12 months in prison in Spain, without charge and subject to brutal treatment, before being released with no explanation nor charge, and the two Brits recently released from jail in Hungary after several months' detention, again without any charge, after the intervention of UKIP MEP William Dartmouth.

I hardly dare mention the emerging European Gendarmerie Force, which is being readied to cope with "civil disturbances" in any EU member state - Google EGF for details.

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Many EU member states are effectively police states and the common legal system now emerging, corpus juris, effectively abolishes the habeas corpus protection that we have had for centuries.

My advice to the lady and to others is to be very afraid, and if she does not appreciate these points, then she hasn't been paying attention!

John Kelly,

Timbers Chase,

Marley Hayes,

Hulham Road,