Auctioneers are becoming more accessible by utilising new technology

Exmouth auctioneer Scott Gray, who appears regularly on BBC's Homes Under the Hammer

Exmouth auctioneer Scott Gray, who appears regularly on BBC's Homes Under the Hammer - Credit: Scott Gray

You might know that my company 247 Property Auctions works with individuals to sell their property and land. But did you know that alongside working directly with private clients, we work in partnership with estate agents and commercial agents. Enabling these businesses the opportunity to offer online auctions as an expansion of their professional property services portfolio. 
Having been in the property industry for over 20 years, I recognise the traditional principles of the industry and that certain pockets still remain very conventional. Much like the traditional world of auctions, up until very recently the ballroom-style type of auction that you would see on programmes like Homes Under the Hammer, were very much the standard and only way to sell a property via auction, with one date every month or two and a deadline to enter the listings and catalogue. Now we are able to offer daily/weekly online auctions, with modern technology and a range of platforms, this method means that the process becomes accessible to an increased audience. 
Due to advanced technology and modern thinking, both Estate Agency and Property Auctions are utilising new ways to support our clients and to improve the positive experience whilst buying and selling. For example, creating and sharing a range of videos and images of property, offering virtual tours as well as advances in imagery, drone footage and sharing to a wider audience via various social media platforms. All methods support our sellers to reach increasing amounts of potential buyers and for our buyers the benefits include the ability to view more property (or land) from home before committing to a physical viewing – useful in these current times. 
Alongside new technologies within the industry, refreshed thinking allows for businesses that previously worked in silos to work together. 247 Property Auctions work with an increasing number of Estate Agents across the South West and beyond offering a professional service to agents and their clients, with sellers benefiting from extended options in how they can sell their property. We are always actively increasing our working relationships and in the past year have had many successful sales working with existing Partners, holding hands with our Associates to improve the process for our clients.

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