Sweet temptation

Being half Cornish, I admit I am prejudiced, but opposite the Hexagon on the seafront is a sign reading Devonshire Ice Cream and there the ever-cheerful Heidi will serve you an array of delicious ice creams. When I say that their vanilla is the nearest I have tasted to Kelly’s Cornish ice cream, I can pay no higher compliment.

But more and better is to come!

A fairly new arrival to Rolle Street, at number 13, very lucky for most, is Roly’s Fudge Pantry. And here, Dee Stone not only makes, but will dazzle you with the most amazing sight and tastes of fudge squares that you could ever wish to meet.

Some look like giant Oxo cubes, but that is as far as the comparison goes. When my doctor wasn’t looking I did once taste one – well, two actually. But I could imagine the tastes of all the very many other flavours that knock spots off mere ice creams.

The joy of all this is that sheer popularity and success has kept Dee here with all her “deelicious” sweet temptations. In these days and times, that is a wonderful achievement for Exmouth. Long may you survive. It is great to record such well-deserved success.

Anthony Robinson

222 Withycombe Village Road, Exmouth.