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COLATON Raleigh residents, fed up with overdevelopment of the village, are taking a stand against any further expansion and growth. developers, who they claim are

COLATON Raleigh residents, fed up with overdevelopment of the village, are taking a stand against any further expansion and growth.Telsa Mace, 61, and husband Chris, of Shepherds Lane, are leading the way in standing up to developers, who they claim are squeezing new homes in any available building plots.Mr and Mrs Mace, who have lived in Shepherds Lane for the last eight years, have organised a petition in a bid to stop an application to build a detached home at Little Holt, in Church Road. The pair are campaigning to quash the previously refused application, to the side of their property, and have set up a village petition which has already won the support of more than 30 villagers.Mrs Mace said the petition is not a case of NIMBY-ism - not in my back yard - but to preserve the character of the village, which she feels is being swallowed up by new homes being built on small patches of land.Mrs Mace said: "I have never in my life organised a petition before."We have been surprised and amazed by the strong feeling. "I thought we would only get five of six signatures but people are exasperated. "I think the council should support us, because they are supposed to express the views of the locals."Mrs Mace has won the support of almost every resident living in Shepherds Lane.She believes the application in an already 'development-overwhelmed' lane would compromise many of the neighbouring properties.She believes builders' lorries would face difficulties accessing the site - along a narrow grassy track - creating road safety dangers for villagers.Neighbours signing the petition say the new-build would have a negative impact on the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.Fears have also been raised about the increase in traffic and noise, and limited parking.Colaton Raleigh parish council raised concerns over access for emergency service vehicles - saying the narrow lane had a 'dangerous' corner, not suitable for traffic.Neighbours Mr and Mrs Sanders, from Oakdown, in Shepherds Lane, told planning officers the new-build would compromise their privacy.The McCafferty family, living at The Old Orchard, also in Shepherds Lane, said the road was 'not suitable' for heavy traffic.They said the surface was already in disrepair and the banks eroded.Have your say online at

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