Superstore: Fears for small shops

The Journal has asked for comments on new superstore.

Exmouth has had, in the past, a number of small independent shops, some of which have already disappeared because of out-of-town supermarkets.

The retailers who are left, such as greengrocer/fishmongers, newsagents, chemist shops, those who have managed to survive, will, no doubt, in the future, be absorbed by yet another major outlet if one is opened directly across from the centre of town.

We will be faced not by a parade of small shop owners in Exeter Road, or Rolle Street, but a real possibility of only beauticians/ hair salons, charity shops, estate agents and fast food outlets. This is evident in the fact that the odd discount booze outlet and take-away have taken the vacant small units over in The Strand.

It is nice to have a cafe area with tables outside, so much more easy to keep clean, but we also need the retailers such as Garners or the odd bread shop, or will they, like Thomas Tucker clothes shop, disappear for ever.

This will mean more Journal head lines like “Takeaway plan for derelict shop”. The council will face more public dissatisfaction, as was the case when it recommended a supermarket back in 2005. Surely, we have moved on since then. We may have a paved paradise in the middle of The Strand, but a nightmare of takeaways around the perimeter.

Alec Huett,

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Exmouth Quay ,

(via email).