Superb concert

I am writing to congratulate Spoken Caf� Bar for the superb free concert it hosted in The Strand last Sunday.

I attended with a large group ranging in age from 25 – 89 and each and every one of them was impressed with the event, which was well-organised, professionally managed and featured high-class entertainment - while still showing due respect for the War Memorial.

The hundreds of people who attended the event had a great time, enjoying an atmosphere that was incredibly family-friendly.

It has been exciting to see many new businesses opening in Exmouth over the past year, particularly in and around The Strand area. It is even more pleasing to see these businesses showing the type of entrepreneurial flair displayed by Spoken last Sunday.

Hopefully, this quality event will set the standard for many more to come – events that will prove to be good for local businesses and thoroughly enjoyable for local residents and visitors alike.

Darryl Nicholas

(via email).