Len’s ‘desperate’ search for stroke survivor’s club leader after terminal cancer diagnosis

Len Worsfold, who set up the Stroke Survivors Club in 2012.

Len Worsfold, who set up the Stroke Survivors Club in 2012. - Credit: Archant

The founder of Exmouth’s stroke survivors’ club has spoken of his ‘desperate’ search for someone to take over as chairman after he was diagnosed with a terminal illness. 

Len Worsfold, 86, who has been a champion for those who have survived having a stroke since having his own in 2002, has been diagnosed with bowel cancer. 

He wants to see the club flourish beyond the end of his life and faces a race against time to find a successor. 

Len said he is ‘desperate’ to find someone to take over. 

He added: “The club has given me something to live for - I like to work and therefore it gave me something to work for. 

“I’ve got a kick out of people getting better. 

“It has helped me tremendously in all sorts of ways. It keeps me in touch with people who have had the same problems as me. 

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“It would be great to know it has continued. I am getting desperate to find someone to take over at the moment.” 

Len suffered a stroke in 2002 which left him unable to talk, walk or use his right side. 

His wife taught him how to speak again by using childrens’ books and Len has helped members of the club find their speech again. 

He added: “I taught one person to speak and he talks non-stop these days.”  

The group started in 2012 as a few stroke survivors meeting in Exmouth cafes every Thursday afternoon to share their experiences but soon the group expanded and had to find a more suitable home for their meetings. 

In the last few years meetings have been held in Exmouth Library and Len said he wants the group, which has expanded to four times its original size since he set it up, to continue growing. 

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic was meeting weekly at Exmouth Library. Some members have been able to meet virtually via Zoom but others do not have access to the internet. 

Len is asking for someone to come forward, who doesn’t necessarily have to be a stroke survivor, to run the club, handle the finances of the club and look after its members. 

Anyone interested should ring Len on 01395 279709 or email len.w34@talktalk.net

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