Strand Pavilion backed by council

Revised plans to build a Strand Pavilion building have been endorsed by Exmouth Town Council.

The move comes after Devon County Council unveiled the plans, which would see a single-storey building with a multi-use retail unit built on the site of the old thatched shelter.

The revised plan has been put forward after the original two-storey scheme was pulled amid fears it could run �300,000 over budget.

The plans have already been endorsed by East Devon District Council, and now the town council has given them its backing, although some councillors were critical of the scheme.

Councillor Steve Gazzard said: “I don’t think the Strand needs a building. From people I’ve talked to it is not required, and the money could be better used.

“What’s needed there is a bus shelter, and also some form of cover for the seats.”

In response, Councillor Richard Turner said the building was needed to help offset the costs of running the Strand.

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He said: “A bus shelter doesn’t get any money in to help the maintenance of the Strand.

“At this time, when community money is so tight, anything that would offset the costs [of the Strand] has got to be advantageous to everyone in the town.”

A formal planning application for the pavilion is expected to be submitted later this month.