Strand future

We have given thought to the future of the Strand Gardens.

We have followed the letters to the Journal expressing different opinions about the Strand layout and now the question of a possible ‘iconic’ glass building, planned to include a caf�. (Notice of the planning application is now in the Journal.)

At this stage, we wish to emphasise what we see as positive gains already achieved in the new Strand: At last, we have a pedestrian-friendly, traffic-free space. We can now walk without interruption all the way from Tower Street across The Strand to Imperial Road.

The Strand space is now continuous without barriers or different levels.

Hopefully, the drainage is improved.

Attention to tree-planting – already overdue – has at last taken place.

What has already been done to free The Strand from traffic is a potential step towards a future possibility of linking the Magnolia Centre shops with The Strand shops by pedestrian-priority across a buses-only Lower Rolle Street.

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There are, naturally, different opinions on how The Strand should evolve.

May there be informed listening and plenty of co-operative discussion, from all points of view.

Jan and Nic Pawson

(via email).

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