Strand football

This Strand business, I feel, is now getting a bit silly.

Children using the war memorial as a climbing frame is proof that the people whose names are etched on it didn’t die in vain and that freedom still remains, which I believe would have been long gone if the result of the war was different.

As the children get older, they will learn what it is there for and will respect its meaning.

As for the young ones on scooters, The Strand is a place for the people and holidaymakers to enjoy.

Regarding the clatter and bang of skateboards, if you watch the youngsters trying to perfect stunts, it can be amusing seeing them end up on the floor.

By all means stop people riding bikes through The Strand, as they give the impression that they have the God given right to expect people to move out of their way.

If anything needs doing, it is about the playing of football that goes on till very late!

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Maybe next time the council decides to “improve” the town, it might do a bit of lateral thinking!

Phillip Cole

(via email).