Strand disgrace

I would like to respond to Mr Nigel Wilkinson, chairman of the Exmouth Chamber of Trade and Commerce, and his request for business partners to help run the ‘Green Glass Monstrosity’, (did everyone notice how he managed to avoided using the C-A-F-E word in last week’s appeals in the Journal and Herald).

Well, I think I have the perfect business plan for a partnership with him and the ECTC and it goes like this:

I approach small businesses, let’s say like cafes around The Strand, and tell them, for a fee, I will represent them in all aspects to do with local and county council matters and anything else.

I will stress that I will always have their best interests at heart and do everything in my power to see that they get the best representation possible...

Mr Wilkinson states the one thing we can all agree on is that Exmouth needs successful small businesses.

I think that there two other things that the majority of people in Exmouth would also agree on.

1 The way this whole sorry saga has been handled by the ECTC is a disgrace.

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2 Mr Wilkinson should resign.

D Lawash

(via email).