Spot the errors!

WHY, at a time of serious financial cuts, are Budleigh councillors allowing taxpayers’ money to be spent on the farce of a sign recently installed outside Rolle flats on the corner of Rolle Road?

If we are to believe the map on this sign, Coastguards Road is towards Exmouth and Exmouth is towards Coastguards Road.

The compass illustrated on it gives the sea as facing North instead of South and East facing West etc.

Why didn’t Councillor Steve Hall, who I saw standing with the workmen who were installing the sign, notice the errors?

Why is it no-one checks anything these days? Perhaps it’s because they are spending taxpayers’ money.

Why is this embarrassment of a sign allowed to remain? It suggests we don’t know our left from our right or our North from our South.

I am sure our school children could have done a better job. Incidentally, what did this sign cost?

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A Budleigh Salterton resident

(who wishes to remain private, but feels the need to speak out, even if I am 86 years of age).

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