Speeding and parking concerns Topsham residents

SPEEDING and motorists parking in unauthorised places have been singled out as issues that concern residents about life in Topsham.

The problems, raised at a partners and communities together (PACT) meeting held last Tuesday, October 5, in Matthews Hall, were selected as priorities for the police and councillors to try and address.

More than 20 people attended the meeting in which residents voiced concern, notably about motorists who continued to park in prohibited areas such as lorry bays.

The PACT process gives residents the chance to influence what happens in their neighbourhood.

The community is able to have a say in, and shape services in the area as well as identify and communicate priorities with the partners who lead the initiative.

Those involved with the scheme identify issues which affect people the most and determine around three priorities at each meeting to be addressed.

Richard Shelton, police community support officer for the town, and PC Paul Vaughan were present among the PACT panel. They spoke of how crime levels had been low in Topsham recently.

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There were calls for an increase in the number of speed signs at a previous meeting held earlier in the year.

A number of people felt there were not enough signs alerting motorists to the fact the area was now a 20mph zone.

Residents, this week, however, were told this would not happen as it was felt there were sufficient in the town.

The next PACT meeting will be held in February.