Speeding and parking among problems raised at Topsham community meeting

EXCESSIVE speeding, parking problems and the obstruction of loading bays were the three priorities set as issues to address at Topsham’s latest PACT meeting.

Mac MacDonald, chairman of the town’s partners and communities’ together panel, confirmed the priorities at a meeting held last Tuesday, January 11.

PACT is an initiative whereby representatives from the neighbourhood policing team, councillors and other partner agencies, work with residents to tackle any issues of concern affecting Topsham.

It is the second consecutive meeting in which speeding, in Elm Grove Road and Denver Road, as well as drivers parking in unauthorised places, and the obstruction of loading bays in Fore Street, have been set as priorities.

Police beat manager Paul Vaughan, county councillor Andrew Leadbetter, councillor Margaret Baldwin, chair Mac MacDonald and 11 neighbourhood watch coordinators were present.

PC Vaughan opened proceedings by detailing crimes which had taken place in the area within the last three months.

He said there were 19 reported incidents compared to 48 noted at the previous meeting last October. They included two burglaries and 11 thefts, four of which were pedal cycles.

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Owners were recommended to keep a note of their cycle number which can be found on the underside of the pedal bracket.

PC Vaughan then asked residents to suggest priorities.

In terms of speeding problems, he said two new flashing speed-indicator signs were on order and the police would use them, particularly on Elm Grove and Denver Road.

He added they would be more than happy to target other roads if people asked.

PC Vaughan said a letter box had now been fitted to the new police office at the back of Matthews Hall.

Councillor Andrew Leadbetter was concerned about the poor attendance and suggested it might be helpful to combine PACT with Topsham Community Association meetings.