Spectator sport

The two basic facilities to a sports centre worthy of the title are a main hall (arena) and a swimming pool, both with spectator accommodation.

That is the starting point. Both have events that attract spectators. All the other facilities are ancillary to this.

Whatever the proposed sports centre sets out to achieve, it does not set out to be a venue for spectators. The main hall/arena, the hub of any sports complex, has no priority and there is no guarantee that the swimming pool will meet regional competitive needs without spectators.

Do the councillors understand that sport has a following? Did they not notice the influx of visitors from out of the county to the town for the recent cycle race? Isn’t it uppermost in their minds that the economic boost we seek is from visitors coming to Exmouth from over the Devon borders? Isn’t it obvious that the sports cente can play a part? Regional and area indoor events, especially over the weekends, are begging for adequate facilities.

The bonus is, of course, that they bring their own qualified volunteer organisers.

Meanwhile, let’s hope the North Devon entrepreneur still has ice skating plans for part of his seafront complex.

Brian Worts

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