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I live in the top half of The Colony area of Exmouth and I am registered disabled. I am very fortunate to have a disabled parking space which, I have to admit, is of a great help to me for times when I have to travel to hospital for appointments and kidney dialysis via ambulances and hospital transport and our own car driven by my partner.

The problem is that ordinary motorists are allowed to park in this space and frequently do, although I must say most of the neighbours in the road are very good and do not park there.

But there are a few who do and it is a bit of a problem if I have to walk to the car to go anywhere and it is parked yards away and not in the space.

What I am trying to get across is that common courtesy does not cost a lot and I know it is the loss of a car parking space for such a cramped part of town, but I do wish some people, who know what it is for and take no notice, could just think for a minute and realise why I need it kept clear.

Like I have said, most of my neighbours are great and support the fact 100 per cent. Also, it would be good if traffic wardens or police would patrol these areas to clamp down on this as it happens frequently and, if you ask some drivers if they could park somewhere else, all you get is verbal abuse.

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I am not the only one who has to put up with this.

Philip Price

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